Licensing and Obtaining a Rabies Vaccine for Your Pet in Sussex County

Licensing and Obtaining a Rabies Vaccine for Your Pet in Sussex County

After the first of the year rolls around in Sussex County, many pet owners are gearing up to submit their pet licensing renewal paperwork. That date is at the end of January for most towns. Some municipalities are on different schedules and have their license renewal deadlines at the end of other months, including February, April and June. For more information about your municipality’s program, click here for your town’s website.

If you are a new resident — or are bringing home a new pet for the first time — you should review the rules on your municipal website or speak to a representative in your town about the particulars for dog and cat licensing. Once you have licensed a dog or cat in your household, you should be on the lookout for the renewal paperwork from your municipality a month or two before the deadline. Late fees apply for license renewals received after the deadline. Licensing fees per town vary and are less for spayed and neutered animals, after proof has been presented to the municipality. Information will likely be included on your renewal form with the expiration date when your pet’s rabies vaccination expires. Pet licenses can usually be renewed in person at your municipal building or borough hall — or mailed to your town with a self-addressed stamped envelope. If you submit vaccine proof, they may return it in this envelope with your pet’s license.

Now this comes to what could be your next question, “Where should I bring my pet for a rabies vaccine?” Sussex County residents are eligible to bring healthy dogs and cats to no-cost rabies clinics scheduled each year throughout the county. Click here for a list of these upcoming clinics on the county government website.  According to the county government, pets including rabbits, ferrets, wolf-hybrids and others are not eligible for rabies vaccination at these clinics.

What happens if your town is not hosting a scheduled vaccination clinic? The county states on its website it is up to each pet owner to seek out vaccines for their pet, which can include bringing their pet to any of these free clinics, even if it’s in another town. Should a resident be unable to attend, they should bring their pet for a rabies vaccination to a veterinarian or vaccine clinics that are occasionally hosted at locations like the PetSmart store in Hampton on 5 Hampton House Road. Click here to view PetSmart’s website to learn more about veterinary services offered.

ShotVet is one of the providers currently partnering with PetSmart and other locations for pop-up vaccination clinics. Use the group’s “Find a Clinic” feature to find the closest vaccination clinic to your home. While the municipal clinics are walk-in, vaccinations at veterinarians or pop-up clinics are by appointment only.

Once your pet has received a rabies vaccine, it is important to obtain a vaccination certificate to present to your municipality for your initial or license renewal paperwork.

The County of Sussex sums up the process of obtaining a pet license best, stressing it is “strongly advised” to contact your town for your pet licensing “due dates, fees and requirements.”


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